Regal E Cigs Review

After having smoked for almost 17 years and tried to quit smoking for 3 years, I have finally found a solution to my problems – Regal E Cigs. I joined support groups, tried rehab and kept relapsing…but with these e-cigarettes, I have finally curbed my nasty habit. Here’s some more info on it.

About The Product!

Promoted as a safe substitute to cigarettes that contain tobacco and harm the health, these are electronic cigarettes. These can be divided as cartomizer (atomizer + cartridge), lithium ion battery and LED indicator. What makes the product distinct is that even without any tobacco content, they ignite the similar sensation in the body as smoking a tobacco cigarette would. The product claims to be free of tobacco related problems.

Regal E Cigs Ingredients

The liquid solution in these cigs cartomizer is made using

  1. Propylene Glycol
  2. Nicotine (concentration strength of the solution differs as per preference)
  3. Water
  4. Flavoring

How Do Regal E Cigs Work?

  1. Inhale through the cigarettes and it will be detected by the chip controlled fitted into it and it will activate the heating of the solution
  2. As the heating begins, the led indicating light on the opposite side would light up which means that it is being properly atomized
  3. Then exhale like you would a normal tobacco cigarette and a vapor will come out…this vapor would give you sensation of smoking a real cigarette while it’s only water vapor
  4. The vapor’s flavoring differs depending on the flavor used in the solution

Why I Recommend It?

In my three year long quest to quit smoking, I was recommend to use these by my physician and since then I have been hooked to these…here are the reasons why I love it (my family loves it too that I have eventually given up tobacco cigarettes)

  1. No health complications as there is no tobacco
  2. No harmful gas emitted so no second hand smoke complication
  3. No environmental degradation as smoke exhaled is only water vapor
  4. Can be smoked in public places legally
  5. No need to maintain a maximum number, smoke as many as you feel like without worrying about health
  6. Money saving as the battery can be recharged at home and cartomizer only needs refills making it a onetime investment
  7. Its liquid solutions contains diluted nicotine (less health hazard) thus I prefer it to other brands that contains concentrated solutions

Where To Buy?

Regal E Cigs can be ordered online through the fill-up form available at the product’s official website.

This entry was posted on December 27, 2013.